Types of dished heads 

Our manufacturing range can be adapted to yours needs millimeter by millimeter


Ref. F1

Klopper (DIN 28011) 

Ref. F2 

Korbbogen (DIN 28013)

Ref. F3 

Spherical Cap

Ref. F4 

Flat Head


Ref. F5

Dished Head for Low Pressure 


Ref. F6 

Spherical Cover

Ref. F7 

Diffusion Head 


Ref. F8 

Cone Head

Ref. F9 

P.R.C. (NF E 81-101)

Ref. F10 

M.R.C. (NF E 81-104)

Ref. F11 

G.R.C. (NF E 81-102)

Ref. F12 

Elliptical Head (NF E 81-103)

Ref. F13 

Flanged & Dished (ASME)

Ref. F14 

80-10 Flanged & Dished (ASME)


Ref. F15 

High Crown Flanged & Dished (ASME)

Ref. F16 

Elliptical Head 2:1 (ASME)


Ref. F17 

Hemispherical Head

Fondo Ovalo -

Ref. F18 


Do you need another type of dished end that is not included in our references? It is common for our clients to request special shapes. Contact our technical department. 

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