Elliptique NF E 81 103 Dished head

Elliptique NF E 81 103

Dished head 

Reference: F12
Norm: NF

Technical information

R≈ 0.856De
r≈ 0.183De
h1≥ 3e
h2= Di/3.8
H= h2+h1+e
V(h2)≈ (Di.1,06)².0,466h2


De: 2000
e: 10
R: 1716
r: 366
h1: 50
H: 581
V(h2): 1069

De: Outside diameter
e: Initial thickness
R: Inside Dish radius
r: Knuckle radius
h1: Straight flange
H: Total height
V: Volume
Dd: Diameter of the disc
Di: Inside diameter
h2: Height of dished part
Hc: Center height

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